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EAS members have a collective knowledge and experience that runs into thousands of years! ‘Senior’ members of EAS that have supported the society ‘since the beginning’ are also in many cases leaders in their fields of expertise and highly-cited authors.
Over recent years, our EAS Student Group has re-invigorated and strengthened our student membership and students that follow us on social media. Student participation at recent Aquaculture Europe events has also been impressive and an ideal chance to meet and have a chat with these ‘seniors’.
We therefore have the basis to put in place a mentoring activity, where students and seniors can interact informally and not just at AE events.

We are calling this activity “Adopt a Student”

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Feedback from our two Adopt a student pairs, Fernando Afonso and Mairin-Rua Ni Aodha & Gavin Burnell and Julian Zwarg are available in the form of a podcast.
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