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Brabender GmbH & Co. KG, founded in Duisburg in 1923, is a leading global manufacturer of measurement and process engineering solutions for testing the quality of various raw materials as well as for the development and optimization of products, formulations, methods and processes. Brabender, in origin well-established within the milling and baking industry, is nowadays serving the food and feed, as well as the plastics and rubber market. Brabender is also well-known for its lab scale extruders, regardless of whether it is a single-screw or twin-screw extruder. They are beneficial to increase efficiency in R&D to create and test different recipes in different applications, starting with meat analogues, through snack products, to fish feed and other applications. There are application labs at the headquarters in Germany as well as in the US. Within the labs, customers are trained and materials are tested. Furthermore, devices and features are tested and research projects are conducted, internal or together with partners. Fields of research range from flour and grain analysis, feed extrusion, meat analogue extrusion to biopolymer processing and recycling.

Title of the presentation "Sustainable production of fish feed by lab scale extrusion"

Summary of the presentation:
To furnish the demand of fish, aquaculture production grows every year. For getting more and more sustainable there is a need for a highly performanced process on an extrusion line. Lab scale extrusion lines play an important role in terms running several test batches and to avoid using a production line and wasting capacity and raw material. Additionally, fish feed can be produced more sustainable by adaption of the process and the ingredients – e.g. by substitution or reduction of the fish meal in aqua feed or by process adaption to increase the oil dosage within the extruder to avoid the additional coating step.

Short biography of the presenter:
Jessica Wiertz is joining Brabender since 2016 and is responsible for the Applications department. This department comprises 2 application laboratories for the 2 business segments ‘food & feed’ and ‘plastics & rubber’. Prior to her work at Brabender, Jessica spend several years as a lab engineer at a University of Applied Sciences. Her educational background compasses an apprenticeship as a physics laboratory assistant, a diploma in food technology and an MBA in Higher Education and Research Management.

Jens Müller is joining Brabender since summer 2021 and works as an application engineer for food and feed extrusion. He studied food technology and worked for many years in the food industry in several positions as a product developer and as an application engineer. He gained experience in extrusion technology and made that his main task at Brabender.

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