EAStalk Leclercq Eric adLallemand Animal Nutrition is our corporate member, and as part of the membership benefits will present an interesting presentation next week on Tuesday, November 2nd at 14:00h (CET/Brussels time). Dr. Eric Leclercq will present a webinar on "Understanding the potential of the diverse Yeast-based ingredients as preventive health tools for fish" 

We invite you to join us! Below you can read more about Dr. Leclercq and his presentation.

Dr. Eric Leclercq
is currently Global RD and Technical Manager Aquaculture at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, a leading provider of microbial-based solution for animal health and welfare. Since 2016, the focus of his work is on the development and deployment of preventive health solutions to various local needs and on the provision of aquaculture technical services globally.
Dr Eric Leclercq is graduated in agriculture and food-industry and earned is doctoral degree from the Institute of Aquaculture (Stirling, Scotland) under a BBSRC industrial-collaborative award with Mowi Scotland (former Marine Harvest). Eric participated in various innovation projects and commercial field trials related to salmon grow-out and harvest quality management, to the assessment of sterile salmon and to the advancement of cleaner fish farming and deployment within salmon net-pens. Eric has also enjoyed hands-on work experience as a salmon hatchery operative, in the larval rearing of marine species as well as within a tilapia extension center and a shrimp trial station. Eric holds over 25-peer-reviewed publications performed under various experimental set-up applying a range of lab techniques.

Yeast is the source of numerous dietary compounds and Yeast Cell Wall compounds from Saccharomyces cerevisiae are amongst the most recognized functional health ingredients across aquaculture species. The different yeast-based ingredients currently available will be briefly presented alongside with their particular production process and core specifications. The presentation will then focus on recent data in fish demonstrating how targeted yeast-based technology can contribute to a better maintenance of animal’s health and resilience. Results will encompass recent findings against some infectious and non-infectious conditions across different species relevant to the EU aquaculture; together highlighting natural yeast-based ingredients as practical health tool to sustain EU Aquaculture success.


Video is available here

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