RASEAS EAStalk webinars The first RAS@EAS Workshop has been organised prior to the Aquaculture Europe 2020 Online event. Our presenters Dr. Øyvind Fylling-Jensen (NOFIMA), Dr. Jelena Kolarevic(NOFIMA/UiT), and Damien Toner (BIM) presented the main outcomes of this event in our EAStalk Webinar.

Dr. ØyvindFylling-Jensen has been the CEO of NOFIMA AS since 2009 and has led the transformation making it into a leading applied research institute in the food, aquaculture and seafood sector. Prior to this he had senior management roles at Matforsk AS (The Norwegian Institute of Food Research), Fjord Seafood ASA, Alpharma, Medlab and Dynal. He was also Associate Professor in veterinary pathology at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH).

Øyvind has a veterinary degree from the University of Giessen, Germany (1981) and a PhD in veterinary pathology from the University of Giessen and NVH (1985). He has received management training from IMD, Harvard Business School, the Norwegian School of Economics, Norwegian School of Management and INSEAD. He has served on several boards, including the Executive Board of the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and its Portfolio Management Board for Life Sciences. He was Chairman of the Board of the University of Oslo Life Science Initiative.

Jelena Kolarevic
is a Senior research scientist at Nofima, Norway and the leader of Department for Technology and Environment in the Centre for Research-Based Innovation in Closed-Containment Aquaculture (CtrlAQUA). She has background in population ecology, fish physiology, molecular biology and fish reproduction biology. Since 2008, she has been working with the topics related to the recirculating aquaculture systems and since 2013 with semi-closed containment systems in the sea. The focus of her work with closed containment systems are fish welfare and performance, the environment and fish monitoring and their interaction and automation, as well as equipment testing in above mentioned systems. From January 2021, Jelena will start working as a Professor in RAS biology at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University in Tromsø, Norway.

Damien Toner is a Development & Innovation Executive at BIM, Ireland.
Having worked in the commercial shellfish and finfish sectors previously, Damien’s role at BIM focuses on new species and innovations. He has significant experience with RAS design and operation in hatcheries and Nursery systems and his work includes helping companies develop new products and services for the aquaculture industry. Damien is also interested in how RAS design and methodologies can be better applied to semi intensive systems.

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Watch the video recording of our webinar on the YouTube Channel here.

You have also an opportunity to watch a full-day RAS@EAS Workshop on our YouTube Channel for a month.

Session 1 "How do we best approach disinfection in the RAS loop?" - watch it here
Session 2 "Where are we going with monitoring & autonomy?" - watch it here
Session 3 "What are the most challenging interactions between fish & RAS environment?" - watch it here