AquaLit workshop AE19

The AQUA-LIT project is working with the aquaculture sector to prevent marine litter from entering the sea. The project partners are planning an interactive event: the AQUA-LIT Learning Lab, to encourage participants to exchange insights and opinions about the issue of litter in aquaculture and discuss possible solutions.

The AQUALIT Learning Lab will take place in Berlin on the 9th of October back-to-back with Aquaculture Europe 2019. 
Where? Room 30541, wing3
When? 9.15 - 12.30h

Those interested are invited to fill in the registration form.

This workshop will be interdisciplinary in nature. Apart from those working directly in the aquaculture sector, this workshop is also well suited to those focusing on topics of waste management, environmental protection and business development.

This will also be an opportunity to learn about the AQUA-LIT project results and hear from the experts in the field. If you wish to briefly present your company, business model, research, or idea related to the issue of litter in the aquaculture sector, please contact with a brief description of your presentation proposal.
For more information about the Learning Lab click here.

You know a bit (or a lot!) about the topics of aquaculture and litter management? Then please contribute to our research and fill in this 1 minute AQUA-LIT survey !
Read more about AQUA-LIT here.