AquaExcel2020 free training course will take place from Monday the 18th of November until Friday the 22nd of November, at INRA Aquapôle, Saint Pée sur Nivelle, France.

Course overview:
What are the raw materials used or going to be used in future aquafeeds? How do we formulate aquafeeds? What are the main technologies used for aquafeed production? What are the current research topics on fish nutrition? By answering these questions, this training course will help you to gain solid knowledge on fish nutrition, physiology and feeding. This course will address macro- and micro-nutrients and energy requirements, the evaluation of feedstuff and diet digestibility, the link between feed intake and growth as well as feed formulation and production technology. This training course will also address the environmental impact of aquaculture and feed production, interaction of nutrition with genetics, ongoing research on fish nutrition and feeding and the use of alternative feed ingredients.

Deadline: 29th of July.
To apply, please send the following documents to aquaexcel(@), with the subject line: AQUAEXCEL2020 /TrainingCourse_Nutrition_INRA
Completed Registration Form 
CV / Résumé
A Letter of Motivation
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