At each of our annual AQUACULTURE EUROPE events, EAS offers awards of €250 to the Best Poster and €300 to the Best Student Poster and one year free membership of EAS for the leading author  - as judged by the session chairs, Programme Committee co-chairs and board of EAS Student Group.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

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AE2015 Best Poster 

AE15 Reig poster



The AE2015 Best Poster was awarded to Lourdes Reig, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain, and co-authors I. Masaló, C. Turon and A. Freixó.

Their poster is entitled "Acoustic doppler velocimetry as a technique to detect changes of activity of a young sole (Solea senegalensis) population reared in a tank". 




AE2015 Best Student Poster

 AE15 Franke poster


The AE2015 Best Poster was awarded to Andrea Franke, GEOMAR Helmhotz Center for Ocean Research, Germany, and co-authors Olivia Roth, Peter de Schryver, and Catriona Clemmesen.

Their poster is entitled "Does poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate stimulate the immune system of European sea bass larvae?".

This poster also won Lindsay Laird Award (AquaTT and Aqualex Multimedia Consortium)!




AE2015 Ibrahim Okumus Award

 AE15 Castro poster


The AE2015 Ibrahim Okumus Award was awarded to Carolina Castro, University of Porto, Portugal, and co-authors Amalia Peréz-Jiménez, Filipe Coutinho, Alexandre Diógenes, Geneviève Corraze, Stéphane Panserat, Helena Peres, and Aires Oliva-Teles.

Their poster is entitled "Effect of an acute handling stress on hepatic oxidative status of European sea bass fed diets differing in lipid source and carbohydrate content".