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At each of our annual AQUACULTURE EUROPE events, EAS offers awards of €250 to the Best Poster and €300 to the Best Student Poster and one year free membership of EAS for the leading author  - as judged by the session chairs and then by the Programme Committee co-chairs.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

Click on the thumbnails to see the full PDF poster 

AE2014 Best Poster 
AE14 Johansen poster



The AE2014 Best Poster was awarded to Lill-Heidi Johansen, Nofima, Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, Tromsø, Norway, and co-authors Aleksei Krasnov, Torunn Taksdal, and Ingrid Moan.

Their poster is entitled "Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV) as risk factor in the development of heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) in Atlantic salmon". 





AE2014 Best Student Poster

AE14 Rozenfeld poster




The AE2014 Best Poster was awarded to Christoffer Rozenfeld, IFREMER, France, and co-authors Ian A. E. Butts, Jonna Tomkiewicz, David Mazurais, and José Zambonino.

Their poster is entitled "mRNA expression in European eel eggs and embryos and its relationship and its relationship to hatching success".





AE2014 Lindsay Laird Award

AE14 Machado poster



The AE2014 Lindsay Laird Award was awarded to Marina Machado, Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (CIIMAR), Porto, Portugal, and co-authors R. Azeredo, A. Afonso, P. Díaz-Rosales, H. Peres, A. Oliva-Teles, and B. Costas

Their poster is entitled "Dietary methionine supplementation but not tryptophan improve cell mediated immunity of European seabass Dicentrarchus labrax"




AE2014 Ibrahim Okumus Award

AE14 Ramalho poster




The AE2014 Ibrahim Okumus Award was awarded to Ana Ramalho, CCMAR Aquaculture Research Group Faro, Portugal, and co-authors Rita Colen, Vera Rodrigues, Maria Teresa Dinis, and Jorge Diaz.

Their poster is entitled "Fish bone meal as a dietary phosphorus source for juvenile gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata".