At each of our annual AQUACULTURE EUROPE events, EAS offers awards of €250 to the Best Poster and €300 to the Best Student Poster and one year free membership of EAS for the leading author  - as judged by the session chairs and then by the Programme Committee co-chairs.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

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AE2013 Best Poster 

AE13 Mazurais poster



The AE2013 Best Poster was awarded to David Mazurais, IFREMER, France, and co-authors E. Kjørsvik, P.A. Wold, S. Politis, C. Cahu, J. Tomkiewicz, and J. Zambonino‐Infante.

Their poster is entitled "Biochemical, histolotical and molecular study of the digestive tract development of European eel larvae Anguilla anguilla prior exogenous feeding". 




AE2013 Best Student Poster

AE13 Banjac poster



The AE2013 Best Poster was awarded to Vojislav Banjac, Institute of Food Technology, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia, and co-authors Radmilo Čolović, Đuro Vukmirović, Jovanka Lević, Dušica Čolović, Bojana Kokić, and Slavica Sredanović.

Their poster is entitled "Influence of oil addition in main mixer and extrusion conditions on floating and sinking properties of trout feed". 




AE2013 Lindsay Laird Award

 AE13 Micallef poster


The AE2013 Lindsay Laird Award was awarded to Giulia Micallef, School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK, and co-authors Jorge MO Fernandes, Binoy Rajan, Phil Cash, John W Tinsley, Ralph Bickerdike, Samuel AM Martin, and Alan S Bowman. 

Their poster is entitled "Proteomic investigation on the effect of prebiotic dietary supplements on the skin mucus of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar".




 AE2013 Ibrahim Okumus Award

AE13 Aruety poster



The AE2013 Ibrahim Okumus Award was awarded to T. Aruety, French Associates Institute Drylands for Agriculture and Biotechnology, and co-authors T. Brunner, Z. Ronen, A. Gross, and D. Zilberg.

Their poster is entitled "The fate of Streptococcus iniae in an intensive recirculating aquaculture system (IRAS) solid removal unit".