Every year on annual AQUACULTURE EUROPE events, EAS offers awards of €250 to the Best Poster and the Best Student Poster - as judged by the session chairs and then by the Programme Committee co-chairs.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!

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AE2011 Best Poster

AE11 Cirino poster



The AE2011 Best Poster was awarded to Paola Cirino, Marine Resources for Research Service, Naples, Italy, and co-authors Martina Ciaravola, Angela Paglialonga, and Alfonso Toscano. 

Their poster is entitled "Out of season maturation in sea urchin".




AE2011 Best Student Poster

AE11 Arechavala Lopez poster




The AE2011 Best Student Poster was awarded to  Pablo Arechavala-Lopez, University of Alicante, Spain, and co-authors D. Izquierdo-Gomez, D. Fernandez-Jover, J.T. Bayle-Sempere, P. Sanchez-Jerez, D Sfakianakis, S. Somarakis. 

Their poster is entitled “Identify a Mediterranean escapee".




AE2011 Lindsay Laird Award

AE11 de Haro poster




The AE2011 Lindsay Laird Award was awarded to Carolina de Haro, Department of Applied Biology, University of Almería, Spain, and co-authors F.G. Barroso, L Hidalgo, F. Uclés, and M.J. Sánchez-Muros.

Their poster is entitled "Tenebrio mollitor meal for Nile tilapia".




AE2011 Ibrahim Okumus Award

AE11 Mota poster




The AE2011 Ibrahim Okumus Award was awarded to Vasco Mota, Aquaculture and Fisheries Group, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and co-authors Herman C. Wisse, Catarina I.M. Martins, Ep H. Eding, Adelino V.M. Canário, and Johan A.J. Verreth.

Their poster is entitled “Are fish swimming in steroids?".