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The AE2007 Best Poster 

Kobayashi Poster 2007         


The AE2007 Best Poster was awarded to T. Kobayashi, Department of Fisheries, Kinki University, Japan, and co-authors Y. Yamada and K. Ueno.

Their poster is entitled "Cryopreservation of blastomeres for surrogate reproduction of endangered freshwater fish.




The AE2007 Best Student Poster

Zereolo Poster



The AE2007 Best Student Poster was awarded to Ricardo Zerolo, IFAPA Centro El Toruño, Cádiz, Spain, and co-authors Beatriz Martín-Antonio, Manuel Manchado, Carlos Infante, Alejandro Labella, Carmen Alonso, José Pedro Cañavate, Juan José Borrego.

Their poster is entitled "Characterization of microbiota in Senegal sole (Solea senegalensis) under different production systems".