easlogo-URLTwo of the undisputed leaders in aquaculture production have recently signed agreements to support EAS as Premium Sponsors. Marine Harvest and Kiliç Deniz join the long-term EAS Premium Sponsor MSD Animal Health in supporting the activities of the Society on a year round basis. These include the dissemination and sharing of information on sustainable aquaculture development in Europe, the organisation of conferences, trade events and workshops, the publication of a members' magazine, a peer-reviewed scientific journal and newsletters and the facilitation of online forums for EAS members.

Furthermore, the major feed producer Skretting has signed a three-year agreement to support the activities of the EAS Student Group – and notably their annual workshop for young persons, organised at the occasion of the Aquaculture Europe events.

"The development of sustainable aquaculture is an important step in providing sufficient healthy and tasty food for the world of tomorrow. By supporting the involvement of young people in the mission of EAS, Skretting is pleased to be enabling future contributors to aquaculture science and industry. We believe that through this experience they can make significant contributions towards this goal", says Marit Husa, Skretting Group Communication Manager.

EAS President Kjell Maroni expressed his happiness with these new agreements. "During 2013, the EAS Board recognised the need to partner with major industry players on a year round basis and not just during our conferences. We are extremely grateful to MSD Animal Health for their support of EAS over several years now and also to SINTEF over the last 18 months, but we wanted to increase the number of Premium Sponsors. The discussions and new agreements with these two leading players for Premium Sponsorship show clearly that they, like EAS, are committed to bridging the gap between science and industry. We are also extremely grateful to Skretting for their support to students and young persons in aquaculture through our students group".

"For Marine Harvest it is important to support initiatives that can bring the industry forward also across lines of companies, niches and competition. We all have to pull together to produce more food from the ocean in a sustainable way. The world will need to produce protein more efficiently, and managed in the right way aquaculture is the solution to do this", says Øyvind Oaland, Director Global R&D and Technical at MARINE HARVEST ASA.

Dr. Hayri Deniz, Director of Overseas Investments and International Relations for Kiliç Seafood Production and Trade commented that "As one of the biggest players and exporters in the Turkish Aquaculture sector, we are pleased to sponsor Europe's leading aquaculture organisation. The events that EAS organises, such as conferences and exhibitions, are invaluable to us, bringing together aquaculture experts from around the world. We receive essential information and assistance through EAS publications, enabling us to meet our social responsibility to support sustainable aquaculture in conjunction with EAS".

EAS Premium Sponsors show their support for these objectives, while also contributing to offering reductions in membership fees for young persons and individuals and institutes coming from countries with a relatively low Gross National Income.