SEALIVE project’s brokerage event for Industry, Valencia Spain

Thu. 7 Mar, 2024 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
This event does not repeat

SEALIVE (Strategies of circular Economy and Advanced bio-based solutions to keep our Lands and seas alIVE from plastics contamination) is a European innovation project, funded through Horizon 2020, that will bring advanced bio-based plastic solutions to the market, providing viable alternatives to single-use plastics. 

SEALIVE will reduce plastic waste and contamination on land and in seas by boosting the use of biomaterials and contributing to the circular economy with cohesive bio-plastic strategies.This occasion offers a unique opportunity to observe closely the advancements in biobased and biodegradable plastic products developed by the project (including packaging, mulching films, fishing nets, fishing crates, oyster mesh bags, packaging, cutlery, etc.), engage with the industrial partners instrumental in th

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Larvi 2024, 8th Fish & Shellfish Larviculture Symposium September 9-12, 2024 Ostend, Belgium

Mon. 9 Sep, 2024 9:00 am - Thu. 12 Sep, 2024 5:00 pm
This event does not repeat


Closing the life cycle of aquaculture species of economic importance is critical for the ultimate success of aquaculture. Predictable & cost-effective availability of high-quality fry, fingerlings, postlarvae, seed, spores, etc. remain the key for a successful aquaculture venture. Knowledge generated at many different levels can further increase the success of the sector. Much progress is being made in knowledge-based insights on e.g. the genetic make-up of the broodstock, steering the ontogeny, the importance of first feeding, steering host microbial interactions and its immunological consequences, automation, etc. Research in these fields are increasingly supported and stimulated by a variety of novel and sophisticated techniques such as omics’ and artificial intelligence tools. They generate an unprecedented and often fascinating insight into biological processes. Although they generally also raise new research questions, they stand for a major leap forwards as compared to the empirical approach of a relatively recent past.
Capitalising on the previous “larvi” symposia (in ’91, ’95, ’01, ’05, ’09, ’13, ‘17), the Aquaculture R&D Consortium of Ghent University, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and SINTEF Ocean have joined again in the organizing committee for “larvi’24” and are inviting the academic as well as the private sector to attend the 8th Fish and Shellfish Larviculture Symposium. Bringing together European and non-European stakeholders, once again the latest progress in academic research and in the production sector will be reviewed, problems identified and avenues for future collaboration explored.


Annelies Declercq - Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center - Ghent University, Belgium
Kjell Inge Reitan - Center of Fisheries and Aquaculture - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
Gunvor Øie - SINTEF Ocean - Trondheim, Norway


Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center - Ghent University, Belgium

Conference chairperson

Annelies Declercq - Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center - Ghent University, Belgium

Honorary conference chair

Patrick Sorgeloos - UGent Aquaculture R&D Consortium - Ghent University, Belgium

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