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UPDATED abstract guidelines for our AE events

ae 2015 09 30 19 43 29 UTCThe deadline for submission of abstracts for our Aquaculture Europe 2017 is May 1st. Over recent years, the number of abstracts submitted for the AE events has largely exceeded the number of available presentation slots – both for oral and poster presentations. The session chairs therefore have the difficult task of selecting abstracts for their sessions. This selection is based upon several criteria, but the most important one is quality. Abstracts therefore need to reflect the quality of the science, in terms of its rigour, its contribution to knowledge and its impact to end-users.We have therefore updated our AE Abstract Guidelines and we kindly request that you follow them. Abstracts that do not will not be assessed by the chairs.

EcoAqua Third Summer School Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning

This edition of the summer school course will provide the participants a solid overall understanding of basic and applied aspects of Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). This course will follow a holistic approach to MSP, addressing stakeholders’ involvement, maritime sector’s needs, marine environment conservation, national / international legal aspects and finally, applicable data management. Academics and professionals, with practical knowledge, experiences, and applicable methods as related tools, will give the course. More information here

DSM and Evonik establish joint venture for omega-3 fatty acids from natural marine algae

Royal DSM and Evonik today announced their intention to establish a joint venture for omega-3 fatty acid products from natural marine algae for animal nutrition. This breakthrough innovation will, for the first time, enable the production of omega-3 fatty acids for animal nutrition without using fish oil from wild caught fish, a finite resource. Evonik and DSM’s alternative omega-3 source is the first to offer both EPA and DHA and will be aimed at initial applications in salmon aquaculture and pet food. The companies will together build a commercial-scale production facility in the United States. See film summary

EAS Reduced Membership fees

logoeasEAS offers reduced fees for Individual and Institutional membership. The reduced fee for Individual Membership is available for students, retired persons and for individuals residing in certian countries around Europe. Institutes based in those countries may benefit from the reduced rate for Institutional Membership The country list has now been expanded, following the update of the World Bank GNI listing, which is the basis for eligibility. So if you reside in those countries, then you can join us at reduced rates.

ARRAINA: Understanding Biomarkers in Fish Nutrition

Arraina smallThis booklet is the final in a series of three technical booklets on the nutrition and feeding of fish farmed in Europe. The species focussed on by the ARRAINA project are: Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, common carp, European sea bass and gilthead sea bream.

It provides a reliable set of biomarkers and associated methodologies to assess the nutritionally mediated effects on growth performance, metabolic homeostasis, stress responsiveness and health condition of fish which are fed new diet formulations from early life stages to completion of production cycle and sexual maturation.


IDREEM Final Report: Beyond Fish Monoculture

Over the last four years IDREEM (Increasing Industrial Resource Efficiency in European Mariculture) has supported fish-farmers across Europe, in developing different systems to introduce Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) in their farming facilities. IMTA has the potential to deliver greater productivity and reduced environmental impact for the European aquaculture industry and this is the principal message of the FINAL REPORT of the project, that finished in September.

FOOD 2030 - Aquatic Food Products & New Marine Value Chains

FOOD2030As part of the FOOD 2030 high-level conference held in Brussels in October, four parallel workshops were organised to provide ideas and needs towards building the future of EU research and innovation policy for Food and Nutrition Security. One of these - Aquatic food products and new marine value chains - was organised by the Marine Resources Unit of the Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission and looked at three thematic areas of aquaculture and fisheries: Underused fish biomass, new algae value chains for food and consumer acceptability of aquaculture products. Here are the presentations and report.

Selina Stead receives EAS Distinguished Service Award

At the opening session of its Aquaculture Europe 2016 event in Edinburgh on September 21, EAS gave its Distinguished Service Award to Selina Stead, Professor of Marine Governance and Environmental Science at Newcastle University for her long-term commitment and contributions to the objectives and activities of the Society. AE2016 was attended by 1700 participants from 65 countries, making it the biggest Aquaculture Europe event to date. See full article.

SelinaStead EAS ServiceAward


EAS timelineposter

Since EAS was founded in 1976, much has happened in European aquaculture. We have put together a series of milestones to give you an overview of what EAS has achieved during the last 40 years. Some you will know and others (I hope) will be a surprise for you. In any case, I hope you enjoy this summary of the life of our Society. Sadasivam Kaushik. EAS President 2014 – 2016.

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