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Company profile :
Inalve is a french green-biotech company producing microalgae for the aquaculture industry. Our patented technology based on algal biofilm cultivation can produce concentrated microalgae on an industrial scale. Our recent life cycle analysis confirmed that we consume 20-30% less energy, and 70% less water than current technologies for microalgae production. Created in April 2016, inalve launched its pilot plant in October 2020 aiming to develop a demonstrator in effective operation from mid-2024.

Biography of the presenter - Guihéneuf Freddy, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), SAS Inalve
After a MSc degree in Marine Bioproduction from University of Nantes (France). F. Guihéneuf received a Ph.D. from Le Mans University (France) on the regulation by environmental factors of the long chain fatty acids synthesis in marine microalgae. F. Guihéneuf has more than 10 years of international experience (France, Israel, Ireland) on research and development projects focused on algal biotechnology, strain improvement, genetic engineering, and extraction technologies of bioactive compounds. As CSO, he is in charge of the scientific projects and R&D management at inalve company. He is the co-author of 40 peer reviewed international journals and 2 patents.

Summary of the presentation:
Current microalgae production systems are mainly based on suspended cultures using large volumes of water such as in raceway ponds and photobioreactors. The relatively low cell density or biomass concentration observed within these planktonic-based systems requires energetic expenses for culture agitation, and for biomass harvesting and dewatering. Therefore, an innovative technology has been developed and patented by the inalve company to further enhance productivity at reduced costs, overcoming the drawbacks of conventional systems. Created in 2016, inalve produces microalgae and formulated products used as live feeds for the aquaculture industry. Based on Rotating Algal Biofilm (RAB) cultivation, the process does not spend energy to mix the culture, and harvesting is simply carried out by scraping the attached biomass with minimal energy demand. This gentle harvesting procedure allows to produce a concentrated algae paste (15-20% DW) with high cell viability and long shelf-life conservation. Therefore, the presentation will describe the recent advances on microalgal biofilm production systems done by inalve from the optimization of biofilm cultivation to the use of the produce microalgae for marine hatcheries as feedstock for rotifers, copepods and shrimp larvae, as well as for oysters during purification process.


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