Sigurdur Bogason EAStalk webinar adThe August edition of our EAStalk webinar series will take place on August 11th with SigurĂ°ur Bogason at 14 (CET/Brussels time). Sigurdur will give a brief presentation on 'VALUMICS H2020 PROJECT- Understanding food value chain and network dynamics - THE SALMON CASE STUDY'.

SigurĂ°ur Bogason is the VALUMICS project coordinator. He has a Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology from Oregon State University (1984), with additional qualifications in nutrition and statistics. He has worked more than 30 years in the food and aquaculture industry, in fish factories, as fisherman, food technology expert, scientist, and company manager.

His extensive experience in managing international collaborative RTD projects in academia, and also new product development projects within the food industry will benefit VALUMICS. Sigurdur has lead numerous successful food product development projects, based on customer requirements in the food and aquaculture sector. In recent years he has focused more the larger perspective of food supply chain systems, and the attached values incorporated in the information attached to particular products and processes. Values like e.g. sustainable sourcing, animal welfare, labeling schemes, food chain transparency and information needed to assure consumers about the integrity of the food supply systems, and their right to know and understand the product, its origin, its processing history, its logistics, and why their purchasing will benefit them as consumers, and the environment etc.

In his roles as research director and executive manager for large European multinational seafood companies, working with multidisciplinary teams with different ethnic backgrounds he has gained the critical project management aptitude required for managing complex projects.

VALUMICS is an EU funded project that is developing approaches and tools to analyse the structure, dynamics, resilience and impact of food chains on food security, economic development and the environment.

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