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Aquaculture Europe 2020 - Innovation Forum, Cork, Ireland

Innovation Forum AE2020 adThe Blue and The Green
The EAS Aquaculture Europe Innovation Forum - April 14, 2021

Aquaculture development requires upscaling production systems and developing new solutions for producing more to supply a growing market with healthy products. EAS wants to promote and support start-ups and emerging business models in the aquaculture sector, by matching ideas to those that can push the development of new companies and new products.

We have the pleasure to announce our 2nd EAS Aquaculture Europe Innovation Forum, taking place all day on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 during our re-scheduled AE2020 event.
We are specifically interested in:
       1. Attracting applications from new companies with innovative ideas and projects that they would like to present during the Innovation Forum.
       2. Investors interested in supporting promising aquaculture initiatives.

Find out more here. The full programme will be available at the Innovation Forum web -  aquaeas.org/AE2020
Fill your application here, or scan the QR code below. The deadline is December 31 this year and successful applicants will be informed by end January latest.

QR AE2020 innovation forum registration link GF

 Photos from the Innovation Forum - Aquaculture Europe 2019 in Berlin, Germany

InnovationForum AE19 2InnovationForum AE19 14InnovationForum AE19 16InnovationForum AE19 20InnovationForum AE19 50InnovationForum AE19 57InnovationForum AE19 62InnovationForum AE19 45InnovationForum AE19 65