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Kunststoff Spranger GmbH is new EAS Student Group sponsor

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Kunststoff Spranger GmbH - Made in Germany - delivering worldwide

Kunststoff Spranger GmbH is new sponsor of EAS Student Group. 

Custom-designed equipment and facilities for aquaculture of fish and shrimps, applied science and quarantine systems. Consulting, design, fabrication and assembly, all from a single source since 1987.

They offer a large selection of innovative solutions for Recirculation Aquaculture Systems, as well as single components such as: tanks, drum filter, biofilter, low-head oxygenation, aquaria systems and compact water cleaning units.
"Meeting our customers┬┤ high expectations for more than 30 years we offer a wide selection of innovative solutions tailored to your needs."

For more information please visit: www.spranger-kunststoffe.de