AE2015 Parallel Sessions

Here is a tentative list of sessions for which you can submit abstracts....

PS1 Environmental monitoring & management
PS2 Climate change: impacts and mitigation in aquaculture, acidification
PS3 Ecosystem services
PS4 Re-stocking & recreational fisheries
PS5 Production in protected areas: how to combine exploitation and protection
PS6 Prevention of escapes
PS7 Nutrition: Requirements
PS8 Nutrition: Alternative feed ingredients
PS9 Advanced research initiatives for nutrition and aquaculture (EU ARRAINA project)
PS10 Nutrition: Focus on insect meals
PS11 Advances in hatchery technologies
PS12 Advances in close containment technologies at sea and RAS
PS13 Offshore production
PS14 Anti-fouling strategies
PS15 Multi-species systems and IMTA
PS16 Product quality, processing, biosecurity and value addition
PS17 Labelling, certification, traceability and logistics
PS18 Aquaculture image, consumer studies and perception
PS19 Disease prevention, treatment and management
PS20 Diseases - description, mapping and epidemiology
PS21 Fish welfare
PS22 Spatial planning of aquaculture sites
PS23 Predator managment
PS24 Laboratory models (e.g. Zebrafish and others)
PS25 Progress in eel reproduction
PS26 Shellfish production and diversification
PS27 Seaweeds as food, feed and economic activity
PS28 Aquaponics
PS29 Knowledge management, transfer and extension networks
PS30 Governance, policy and strategic planning
PS31 EAS_Student Group Workshop
PS32 EU Forum
PS33 Selective breeding for efficient and sustainable aquaculture
PS34 Genomic tools and methods and their application
PS35 Swimming to optimize fish production
PS36 Metabolomics in aquaculture
PS37 New/emerging finfish species (EU DIVERSIFY project)
PS38 Progress, lessons learned and stakeholder involvement in shellfish restoration
PS39 Goods and services of shellfish reefs and artificial reefs
PS40 Development, Welfare and Poverty Alleviation
PS41 Organic aquaculture