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International Publications - Special Offers for EAS members


EAS members have access to big reductions on international publications, such as EUROFISH Magazine (15% off), Fish Farming International (20% off), Fish Farmer (20% off), FISHupdate(20% off), Havbruk (10% off), Hatchery International (20% off), World Aquaculture Society (WAS) publications, and aquaculture books issued by Kluwer (25% off).

More information:
  - EUROFISH Magazine: 15 % off
  - Fish Farming International: 20 % off
  - Fish Farmer: 20 % off
  - Havbruk: 10 % off
  - Aquaculture books issued by Kluwer: 25 % off
  - Aquaculture International: 10 % off for institutional and life members
92 % off for members with an "Individual Membership including the Aquaculture International Journal"!!


eurofish_small.gif 15% Subscription Discount for EAS members!


EUROFISH International Organisation, the International Organisation for the development of Fisheries in Central and Eastern Europe, is the successor of the FAO executed regional project EASTFISH.

EUROFISH is a specialised body facilitating the information and decision processes, representing the aquaculture, fish processing and trade sectors and provides an effective and targeted contribution to the EU enlargement process.

The EUROFISH magazine is a glossy, full colour, bimonthly publication and has the widest distribution among fisheries press in Europe. The magazine features regular profiles of the fisheries sector in European countries, trade and market reports, processing and technology, aquaculture, news and reviews of major exhibitions and conferences. The magazine is produced jointly with a German publisher, Fish Publishing house and is distributed to 5000 addresses, mainly in Europe.

Visit the EUROFISH web site for further information: http://www.eurofish.dk

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FFI_new 20% Subscription Discount for EAS members!


Fish Farming International is an essential resource if you are doing business, or looking to invest, in the aquaculture industry. Fish Farming International brings you the most important news, and analyses market trends - from raw materials, equipment and culture methods to the end product itself - and focuses on particular areas of expertise in the farming of aquatic products.

Every month Fish Farming International gives you:

  • News and Comment
  • New Products
  • Country Profiles
  • Meal Report
  • Farm Shrimp News
  • The Shellfish Scene
  • Marketing
  • Good Business
  • Fish Vet's Diary
  • Events & Exhibitions
Readers in over 100 countries rely on Fish Farming International to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the aquaculture industry - You can join them! By special arrangement with the European Aquaculture Society, you are eligible for a 20% discount off the normal annual subscription rate.

Web site for further information: www.intrafish.com


20% Subscription Discount for EAS members!

Fish Farmer
is a specialist magazine dealing with all aspects of aquaculture, including freshwater and marine finfish, shellfish and crustacea. Developments in fish husbandry, disease control, new products, scientific research and marketing are regularly covered.
On the advertising side, the magazine has a high standing among job-hunters, buyers and sellers of property, stock, boats and equipment and major advertisers of feeds, technology and services.

Fish Farmer incorporates an internationale file to serve the interests of readers at home and abroad in temperate and warm water species, including shrimp, clams, tilapia, sea bass, sea bream, ornamentals and an ever-widening circle of other farmed stock. Fish Farmer is read and respected by farmers, researchers, suppliers and students in over 100 countries worldwide.

Visit the Fish Farmer web site:
for news, events, buyer's guide and classified ads.

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havbruk.gif 10% Subscription Discount for EAS members!

Havbruk - A Norwegian Seafood magazine with articles and other general info on:

  • Seafood: Food safety, traceability, products, recipies etc.
  • Aquaculture: Salmon, cod, halibut, shells and mussels, new species, trends, etc.
  • Fisheries: Resources, quotas, vessels, trends and environment.
  • Processing: New products, additives, packaging, methods, equipment, trends.

Visit the Havbruk web site for furher information: www.havbruk.no

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Kluwer Aquaculture books


kluwer.gif EAS members receive a reduction of 25% on Aquaculture books issued by Kluwer

Aquaculture International


Aquaculture International is a peer-reviewed bimonthly journal comprising original research papers, short communications, technical notes and review papers on international aquaculture-related

Aquaculture International is available on subscription basis with a reduction of 10% for institutional and life members or as a subscription included in EAS membership (optional) offering a reduction of 92%!

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